Structural Works

Space Creation Lintel Beams

The renovation or alteration of an existing property can involve the need to open up areas requiring installation of heavy duty lintels, without endangering the structure.

This can be done using a stooling technique to enable installation of high level reinforced concrete lintels or goal post arrangement.

It is a safer technique as the permanent lintel is in place before major down takings and no temporary needles and foundations are required.
George Street underbuild

Tie Bars

Many older properties constructed to lower standards, or simply because of old age, suffer from bowing or leaning walls - the telltale signs being visible distortion of walls, or gaps opening up around skirting boards.

The solution is to fix a steel plate to the inside face of the wall and to tie this back to the main structure by fixing to a suitable combination of:

The floor joist system
Structurally stable opposite and cross walls

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks used in conjunction with manifolds and heavy duty pumps can be used to lift a building or any structure.
structural work under
This requirement is normally associated with an underpinning contact or bridge bearing replacement.

Applicable to brickwork, blockwork, masonry
Economical - the work does not generally require scaffolding and rebuilding is avoided. Most of the work can be carried out from the interior of the building
Invisible, as tie bars are hidden in floor and roof spaces
We also undertake Grouting and Resin Bonding.