Sheet Piling

Installation of steel sheet pile retaining walls.

We offer a design and build service for either temporary works or permanent construction. Designs assisted by computer CAD Piled Wall Suite.

Sheet Piling is widely used for cofferdam or retention systems or for basement construction.

The deep penetration of the pile gives resistance to movement at the base of the excavation. There are many types of sheet pile sections available offering differing strength and resistance to deflection.

Cantilever Solution

A preferable design is a free cantilever solution where no propping is required. This allows free access to build within the lowered excavation. If this is not possible solutions involving anchors or props with waling can be provided.

Pitching and driving piles as generally carried out to recommendations of BS EN 12063:1999.

Careful consideration of ground conditions is required as stiff clays or obstructions may prevent pile penetration to a desired depth.

It is also crucial in selecting pile sections as a heavy section may be required if driving is considered difficult.

The wall can also be treated to become waterproof by means of sealant installed in the clutches prior to installation preventing migration of water through the pile wall.

sheet piling wasteground

sheet piling