Driven Piles

Driven piles are of 2 types, precast concrete or tubular steel.

The selection of type can be dependant upon access constraints, vibration levels permitted and soil conditions prevailing.

Precast tends to be used on more open sites and used for industrial buildings or development properties with clear distances from adjacent buildings.
Bored Piling

Urban or Brown Field Site

The installation of heavy duty L80 tubular steel piles is a cost effective solution to piling particularly in an urban or brown field site development.

Use of our advanced Ramtek hydraulic hammer enables piles to be driven close to existing buildings where vibration levels can be restricted to under 5mm/s PPV.

The hammer is mounted on a crawler base using the original dipper arm. This provides a very manoeuvrable piling rig which can operate close to buildings with the base machine set back from the structure.

The low displacement of a small diameter tube of high strength steel enables an alternative to bored piles in urban access to be considered.
Bored Piling

Residential Developments

This system is very cost effective and is popular in residential developments where relatively small piles for new build houses are required.

Pile diameters vary from 139.7mm to 275mm of various wall thicknesses. Design life of the steel is in excess of 100 years.

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