Driven Mini Piles

Bottom Driven Piling with an air powered internal hammer (Grundomat)

The method of pile installation produces low vibration.

The hammer mechanism is within the first lead casing and has a high frequency action.
It does not rely on high energy impact load to drive the pile.



All equipment is manoeuvrable using air power enabling piling works within buildings.

The capacity of piles using these methods varies from 60KN to 250KN.

Bottom Driven Piling with drop hammer

A tracked rig of 4 tonnes has a 0.5 tonne free fall hammer which can install casings to any depth. This system whilst better suited to external works can manoeuvre where normal rigs cannot enter, operating within 3.8m headroom.

It has the advantage of being able to install small driven piles to a higher capacity, up to 400KN.

Driven Mini Piles
Mini Piles