Bored Piling

Bored piles are generally for bearing upon however a common use is also to provide a retaining wall by means of contiguous piles or King post piling.

Piling is generally to diameters 300mm to 750mm and depths up to 34 metres.

Kelly bar short stem bored piles is a traditional means of piling in clays.

It has the advantage of being able to bore an open hole with tools which can socket or core into bedrock for better bearing.

Bored Piling
Our rigs have telescopic Kelly bars which can bore up to 34 metre depth.

King Post Construction

This system is used for King Post Construction where a wall is formed by means of panels of precast concrete installed between the posts which generally are steel columns concreted into the bored holes at 3-4 metre centres.

CFA plies (Continuous Flight Auger) are cost effective bored piles where the auger is hollow pumping concrete through its base upon withdrawal to form the pile.
Bored Piles
Our rigs have the latest NDT 3000 system technology for monitoring and controlling pile construction. A reinforced cage is then lowered into the fluid concrete.

bored-pilingBored Piling Vehiclebored-piling-near-john-lewisBored Piles