Where restraint of a structure is required, we can provide this in the form of anchors either terminating in soil or rock.

Permanent or temporary anchors can be installed using proprietary systems i.e. Dywidag, Ischebeck. We can offer to carry out a full design and construct package incorporating all stressing and testing to British Standards.

Anchors are designed to BS8081 and BS8004 usually for support of a retaining wall system either through sheet piles or a contiguous bored pile wall.

Installation Methods

The installation methods vary from a drilled anchor using rotary percussion down the hole hammers to drilling using a top hammer or drifter method and hollow anchors such as Dywidag hollow bar MAI hollow bar system.

Permanent anchors are double corrosion protected with a preinstalled layer of grout protection over the tendon.

A simpler form of anchor, usually installed as temporary works, is the Platipus Anchor System which uses a steel alloy bearing plate embedded into soil which is tensioned on installation. This has the advantage of being a dry system with load being immediately available and installed using smaller readily available plant such as mini excavator or JCB