Mansfield Church

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Client: Morrison Construction Ltd.
Piling / Temporary Works Design: MG Piling

Baptistery Underpinning and New basement Creation
As part of a prestigious development of the former Church an ambitious proposal was to create a spiral access stair under an existing circular Baptistery appended to the Church.

The works involved creation of a 7m deep basement beneath the Baptistery.

This was carried out by formation of an external mini pile contiguous wall and internal pile cap to rest steelwork needle supports and waling systems.

The formation of this space allowed for the subsequent permanent works construction of reinforced concrete walls and stair leading into the refurbished basement under the old former Church. Piles were cased to form columns during excavation process.

Piling by odex simultaneous casing and drilling taken down into the bedrock.

Continuous support for the masonry was required to ensure stability. This was ensured by a primary and secondary cone needle system of steelwork. Excavation was carried out by hand and mini excavator via a simultaneously constructed shaft adjacent to the Baptistery.