George Street

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    Structural Work


Client: Ogilvie Construction Ltd
Works Contractor: MG Piling

Refurbishment of a Georgian Townhouse in central Edinburgh required space creation structural alterations to an existing basement.

A heavy load bearing masonry wall (350 KN/m) 1200 mm wide was to be removed over a 4.5 m span to create an enlarged open area.

In previous works to the property, a concrete floor slab at ground level had been installed making the installation of permanent works at this level very difficult.

MG Piling proposals, in conjunction with consultants Oscar Faber, was to install a goal post arrangement in reinforced concrete beams.

The method of construction by means of installing permanent steel stools in the wall allowed construction without the use of any temporary needles.

This method has the advantage that at any stage, no load is transferred out with the line of the wall and no temporary foundations were required.