Jamaica Street

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    Jacked Piles


Main Contractor: Melville Dundas Ltd.
Works Contractor: MG Piling
Design By: MG Piling

Jacked Piled Foundations

As part of an insurance funded project the existing gable wall of the property had to be taken down and rebuilt. This entailed supporting the existing 6 story structure on a piled temporary support internally whilst creating new permanent piled foundations for the new gable.

MG Piling provided a design to utilise the large slab required for the temporary supports by proposing a jacked pile solution. This also had the advantage of minimising vibration during pile installation.

The slab was formed with box-outs at predetermined locations and anchors cast in to restrain the jacking system.

The hydraulic jacking rig was designed and manufactured in-house with the system being fully calibrated to ensure total compliance with our Quality Control.

Piles were satisfactorily jacked to suitable ground, trimmed to suit then fully grouted into the slab resulting in a piled slab capable of sustaining the massive temporary works required.