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Grassmarket, Edinburgh
Client: Dancebase Ltd.
Management Contractor: HBG Management Ltd.
Works Contractor: M.G. Construction Ltd

This urban development situated in Central Edinburgh required specialist piling methods to enable the construction of a basement for the new building between existing properties.

Traditional underpinning methods were not possible as all works were to be undertaken in the Client’s own property boundary.

MG Construction Ltd proposed and designed a cantilever mini pile wall solution allowing retaining of soil beneath the neighbours properties and allowing excavation to form the basement.

Piles were socketed into rock 2.5 metres.

They are designed to resist tension and compression loads to allow steelwork frame to be constructed on this wall.

Mini piles were formed using 220mm diameter permanently cased odex simultaneous drilling and casing. The reinforcement comprised grade L80 tubular steel.

The fasade of the building was retained and this was underpinned by MG Construction Ltd.

The pictures show the anchoring works under construction using an overburden drilling system with socketing into rock thereafter to accommodate the double corrosion protected anchors.

Staged excavation and anchoring is also illustrated with waling beams and spray concrete being prepared for construction.

Over 200 odex type bored mini piles, 50 double corrosion protected rock anchors and over 220 soil nails were formed as part of this works package.

The vehicle access formed, consisted of a suspended concrete roadway formed on piles debonded from the overburden to avoid surcharge and slippage down the steep hillside.